Anymeds (www.anymeds.in) is web and mobile application(available in google play store), is run and operated by Anymeds Healthcare. Anymeds Healthcare is a registered firm registered as MSME under GoI, having its registered office at Kamrup district of Assam, India.

Anymeds provides following services for the public-

  • - Online platform to order Medicine and get them delivered at home.
  • - Online platform to Chat with Verified Doctors for Medical Queries
  • - Online platform to Search Doctors of different areas of different specialities for their availability.
  • - Online platform to Contact Medical labs for home collection of Blood samples and boking time slot for Diagnostic Tests like USG, X-Ray etc
  • - Online platform to Book private ambulance of various type like
    • a. Normal Ambulance
    • b. Ambulance with Advanced life support system
    • c. Mortuary Ambulance

Anymeds by own self do not sells any medicines or health products. For the purpose of Delivering ordered medicines, it assigned the orders to its seller pharmacies, who in turn verify the orders and pack the ordered items. Anymeds deliver those packed items to the customer with the help of its delivery partners. Anymeds provides the option of cancel the order before the order is delivered and also offer the option of returning the orders under its “Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy”. Seller pharmacies can themselves directly receive order through anymeds platforms and anymeds provide the delivery of those orders as well. In its dealings with Seller pharmacies, anymeds follows its “Seller Policy”.

For prescription Drugs, Prescription upload is mandatory for customers and the prescriptions are verified by Registered pharmacists of the sellers. Anymeds do not approve any order which requires prescription and customers fails to provide the prescription. For any customer do not have prescription, anymeds arrange teleconsultation with verified Doctors to arrange prescription for them. Orders received through WhatsApp by WhatsApp manager of anymeds, guids the user how to place an order using anymeds app. Customers are updated with latest status of order on anymeds platform and through SMS. Customers can always contact anymeds customer care at +91 60009 13778 for any problems.

For cancelled orders, refund amount is automatically credited to user anymeds wallet account. Cashbacks are also credited to the anymeds wallet of the user.

User before placing the order can themselves check delivery availability of his area in the anymeds website and on the app. Anymeds delivery service is almost available in all the places where Top Ecommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon’s service are available as anymeds uses logistic service of India’s premium logistic company- ECom Express.

Ordered items are duly packed and dispatched by the seller. Seller ensures that only genuine medicine with satisfactory expiry date are dispatched. Items are properly packed, icebox and other special packaging are deployed wherever necessary. Anymeds receive payments through secure payment gateway of Instamojo. Cash on delivery option is offered to the customers for almost all category of products.

Anymeds registers its users/customers using OTP verified mobile numbers only.

For the purpose of its service, “Chatting with Doctors”, Anymeds healthcare maintains a list of verified Doctors, to whom chats are forwarded when user requested for chatting. Privacy of user are always respected while serving this segment of anymeds healthcare. For any user request a telephonic talks with Doctors, calls are forwarded to the concern Doctors.

For the purpose of its service “Search Doctors about their availability”, Anymeds healthcare collects data of Doctors of different hospitals/clinics, with their consents and showcase them on its platform for the benefit of the public.

For the purpose of its “ Lab & Diagnostics” services, anymeds collects data and showcase them on its website and on the app. Only those labs who has consent for home collection of samples and enables anymeds users to book time slot for diagnostic tests, are showcased on website and on app.

Anymeds provides “Online booking of ambulance” throughout Assam. This segment of service anymeds provides with the help of its third party partners.

Anymeds have robust network of its CSPs( Customer service partners), who help the rural area customers of anymeds in getting anymeds services. Any pharmacy or any other shop owner, having a smart phone can register themselves as CSP by applying through online form available on our website and app. CSPs receives incentives for they help anymeds customers.

Any licenced retail pharmacy can themselves register as seller pharmacy of Anymeds by applying online and if he aggress to the seller policy of Anymeds Healthcare. Seller pharmacies can sell their medicines and health products themselves through anymeds. Anymeds also assigns anonymous orders to the sellers pharmacies based on their service ratings.

Services of anymeds are provides to its customers following various Terms and conditions as specified on anymeds Terms and conditions on anymeds website.

Anymeds respects privacy of users and strictly follows a privacy policy as specified on its privacy policy.